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How Much To Build A House in MN

Are you considering building a house in Minnesota? If so, you’re likely facing one of the biggest decisions of your life. With dozens of considerations to make and hundreds of choices throughout, it can be difficult to estimate how much it will cost to build your dream home. 

With that being said, why not team up with an experienced custom builder like Wolf River Construction for reliable guidance? 

Here’s our guide on how much it really costs to build a house in MN. Keep reading as we tackle all areas related to budgeting and planning out this exciting construction project. 

The Construction Cost Of Building A House In Mn

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The construction cost of building a house in MN is $235,000 and $323,100. This figure can go up or down depending on the size and location of the house. The average price for a new home in MN is $279,050 which is higher than the national average of $310,200. The cost can also vary significantly based on numerous factors. 

Cost Factors When Building A House In MN

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The following home building costs affect the home construction MN: 

Material Cost

While building, the materials used to construct your house will significantly impact the overall house cost in Minnesota. Depending on the type of materials chosen, including lumber, concrete, brick, and stone for walls, windows, and doors, you can expect the material costs to vary significantly. 


Labor costs for building a home in Minnesota will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, as well as the type of professionals you hire to do the work. Even more, local labor laws and regulations must be taken into account when budgeting, to ensure that you are adhering to all applicable labor laws. 

Electrical Cost

Electrical work is a crucial component of any home building project, and the cost of hiring an electrician can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of your build. Include aspects like wiring, outlets, lighting fixtures, and other electrical components when budgeting for your build. 

Roof Installation Cost

The slope and type of roof, as well as the materials used for shingles or tiles, all have an impact on the overall cost of roof installation. The more complex the roof, the more expensive it is likely to be. 

Plumbing Cost

Different types of pipes, fittings, and fixtures can have an impact on overall cost, and it is important to consider the labor costs associated with installing these components as well. 


HVAC stands for Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which are all essential for any home build. The cost of installation will depend on the size, type, and efficiency of the HVAC system being installed. You will need additional labor costs during the installation of such elements. 

Land Cost

Depending on where you are building your home in Minnesota, the land costs vary greatly. Factors such as location, size, and zoning laws should all be considered when budgeting for your home build. 

MN Permit Cost

Building permits are required by law in Minnesota before any construction project can begin. Depending on the type of building project you are undertaking, permit fees can vary significantly. It is important to research your local permit requirements before budgeting for your build. 

Home Interior Cost

Interior components include things like flooring, walls, and ceilings, as well as any furniture or fixtures you plan to install. Depending on the finishes you choose, this could add up to a significant amount. 

How Can You Finance Your Construction Project

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Home Construction Loan

A home construction loan is a type of loan specifically designed to finance the cost of constructing a new home. These loans typically have higher interest rates than mortgage loans, and they may require additional fees or upfront costs in order to be approved. Generally, it is a long-term loan, with repayment terms ranging from 15 years and more.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is an unsecured loan type that you can use for almost any purpose, including home construction projects. Unlike secured loans such as mortgages or auto loans, there’s no collateral required to receive approval on a personal loan. The repayment terms are typically shorter than those associated with home construction loans.

Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan allows you to access the equity in your home and use it as collateral for a loan. It’s commonly used to finance renovations or construction projects as it typically comes with lower interest rates than other types of loans, and you can spread the payments over several years. 

Conclusion: Build Your Dream Home With Wolf River Construction

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With Wolf River Construction, you can make your dream house come to life. We do everything from building a custom two-story in the suburbs to developing a unique meadow house with breathtaking views of rolling landscapes in twin cities. 

The company prides itself on delivering outstanding quality and affordable housing experience for any type of building you may need. You can trust our professional team built of efficient workers with a passion for exceptional customer service. 

Wolf River Construction knows how to bring your dream home ideas to reality, so get in touch today and find out how much it will cost to build your dream home in Minnesota. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the location and size of the house you are considering. Generally, the total cost of building a new home may look more expensive than buying an existing one. However, if you consider the cost of land, taxes and other fees associated with purchasing an existing house, building your own house can be more cost-effective.

The cost of building a house per square foot in Minnesota varies depending on the quality and number of materials used, as well as the location. Ideally, construction costs range from $100 to $200 per square foot for standard finishes and from $200 to $400 per square foot for upgraded finishes.

Yes, you can build a custom home in Minnesota. However, it is important to note that the cost of building a custom home is typically higher than that of a pre-built or semi-custom home due to additional design, planning and material costs.

If you plan to purchase land and build a new home in Minnesota, the best time of year to begin the process is typically late spring or early summer as it takes around six months for most construction projects from start to finish. Keep in mind that the prices of materials and labor can fluctuate depending on supply and demand in the area.