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House Design Plans

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House plans that are tailored to your liking

House designs can be as diverse and unique as the people who live in them. This is because each design plan has its own set of features that make it special, such as color schemes or floor plans for different types of spaces like kitchens versus bedrooms

Custom house design is a popular and creative option for people who want their home to stand out. This type of architecture involves designing the exterior, interior, or both from scratch with specific features in mind

We build your home with strong and durable materials. This will increase the durability of your house.

We offer multiple house design plans to best fit the preference of your new home.

Finance options are available contact us to learn more.

Tacha Design


The Tacha house design offers a single-level rambler or patio design.

Mato House Design


The Mato house design offers a two-story design.

chapa house design


The Chapa house design offers a single-level rambler or patio design.



The Tatanka house design offers a two-story design

Sunka House Design


The Sunka house design offers a split-level design.

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